Sexual Difficulties

by Dr. Judith Mazza

Sexual Dysfunctions are often characterized by disorders of sexual desire and by problems in the sexual response cycle. These difficulties often cause distress in intimate relationships. Some sexual difficulties are the result of emotional problems, and some are the result of physical problems. It is a good idea to have a thorough physical examination before assuming that the problems are psychological or emotional.

Here are some typical problems that consultation with a trained psychologist can help to solve:
  • You and your partner have stopped having sex
  • Your or your partner have difficulty reaching orgasm
  • You are unable to tell your partner what sexual practices you like
  • Your partner no longer satisfies you
  • You or your partner have difficulty obtaining or maintaining erections
  • You don't want your partner to touch you
  • Sex is painful
  • You are unable to maintain a monogamous relationship
  • You have sexual urges, fantasies or practices that upset your partner
  • Sex no longer feels mutually consensual
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