Relationship and Family Problems

by Dr. Judith Mazza

Relationship problems with your spouse, partner, children and/or family of origin can cause tremendous stress and unhappiness. Marriages, remarriages and complex extended family structures can make many ordinary situations difficult, filled with conflict and tension.
Here are some typical situations that a trained family oriented therapist can assist with:
  • Your relationship with your siblings and/or parents has become strained
  • Your new marriage/relationship hasn't been accepted by your family and/or your partner's family
  • Your intimate dating relationships seem to end too soon
  • You have frequent conflicts and arguments with friends, family members or people at work
  • You are involved in a family business and tension has increased at home
  • Other families seem to get along much better than yours does
  • Family members seem unhappy or stressed when they are together
  • Someone in the family is estranged, appears isolated, feels misunderstood
  • The same issues and problems occur over and over and are never resolved
  • Family members seem unable to comfort each other during a crisis
  • One family member is verbally abusive or threatens others
  • Parents tell children their adult problems
  • You are a caregiver for an ill family member and feel exhausted
  • You see your aging parents needing help and you don't know what to do
  • Your elderly parents require more than you can give and you feel guilty
  • You have problems with intimacy
  • You and your partner are considering getting married and want a "healthcheck"
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