Parenting, Adolescent and Child Behavior

by Dr. Judith Mazza

Children and adolescents are seen in treatment at the Center for Problem Solving if one or preferably both of their parents are involved in treatment as well. We have found that involving in family therapy those persons who are most important to children in family therapy not only shortens the course of treatment, but also improves the outcome. When parents and children work together on solving problems, the entire family unit can be strengthened.

Here are some typical problems for which parents may consult psychologist:
  • You have observed sudden worrisome changes in your child's behavior
  • Your child is underachieving at school
  • You have received a note or call from the school reporting that your child is having difficulties
  • Whenever you ask your child to do something, you receive either no response or a sullen/sarcastic response
  • Your child seems to be unhappy, teary and/or without energy
  • Your child's sleep patterns appear to be disturbed (either sleeping too much or not enough)
  • Your child is not eating appropriately
  • Your child is throwing temper tantrums and appears easily angered over small events
  • Your child is refuses to go to school
  • You are worried that your child is or may be using drugs or alcohol
  • Your child has stopped confiding in you
  • Your child has trouble making or keeping friends
  • Your child's friends seem to have changed
  • Your children fight with each other
  • You find yourself yelling at your children and/or have no time to enjoy them
  • Your child continues to wet the bed
  • Your child seems afraid to leave home, go to a friend's house or attend a sleep-over
  • You and your spouse disagree about how the children should be treated
  • Your children seem to be in charge of the household
  • Your child wakes during the night and is afraid
  • You or your spouse communicate through the children
These are only a few of the many problems that may concern you. When problems persist after your best efforts to solve it, a consultation with a psychologist may save everyone a lot of emotional pain and distress.

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