Our Approach

The approach used by Dr. Mazza at the Center for Problem Solving focuses on what is most troubling now. While enough of the past must be understood to make sense of the present, this goal oriented short-term therapy is oriented toward the present and future and does not emphasize pathology and the past. Although there is no limit to the number of sessions that can be scheduled, our attitude toward time is to create positive change as quickly as possible and practical.

This therapy utilizes the particular strengths and aptitudes that every client brings with them. These strengths are used in the most productive way to ameliorate problems and introduce flexibility, thereby creating new solutions and possibilities.

The goal is for us to quickly become obsolete by helping to solve problems. Therefore, we look for the shortest effective course of treatment. Toward this end, family members and significant others are sometimes asked to participate in the therapy. Decisions about who is to be included in the therapy are made while arranging for the initial appointment and from time to time during the therapy.

Setting specific goals and identifying strategies to accomplish these goals are an important part of the therapy. Sometimes, clients will be asked to do certain tasks between sessions. The specifics are discussed and agreed to during the therapy appointment. Some examples of what might be asked include reading certain materials, writing a list, keeping track of specific information or to following a particular planned “exercise.” These "homework assignments" are customized to the situation, the problem and the individual(s). Completing these "assignments" shorten the course of treatment and also contribute toward a collaborative therapeutic relationship.

You may be given the opportunity to keep track of these assignments on a secure part of our website. After the therapy session, Dr. Mazza can give you a username and password to access your personal and confidential section of the site.

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