Business Consultation Services

by Dr. Judith Mazza

Family businesses and closely held partnerships are especially prone to interpersonal tensions. Psychological services to your business can decrease these tensions.
  • Improve employee, staff and partner relationships
  • Develop a framework for non-adversarial dispute resolution
  • You can improve staff and employee motivation
  • Decrease tension and enhance communication among staff, partners and employees
  • Productivity is increased and absenteeism reduced in a more harmonious workplace
  • Enhanced relationships facilitate a team approach to problem solving
How many times have you seen professionals skilled in their technical area unable to communicate effectively? How many times have you seen a staff member or colleague brooding at work over some interpersonal problem -- imagine what message that conveys to your customers, clients, and/or patients?

Many of us can spend more waking hours with our professional "family" than with our nuclear family. Problems and stress in our professional life can be costly and difficult to correct if left untreated. In addition, interpersonal difficulties in the workplace often "come home from the office" and add stress to family life.

It pays to invest the time to improve communication and satisfaction throughout the staff. Satisfied and harmonious partnerships are more productive, profitable and rewarding than those riddled with strife and dissatisfaction.

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Business Consultation Services
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